Shady Oaks 
Mustang Barn
Here are some of the cars I have restored, am in the process of restoring, or plan to restore.  

Most of these pictures are thumbnails. Click on each one to see more pictures of the cars.
'69 Boss 429 Wimbledon White with Black interior.  Painting done. Car came home for reassembly.  Click on car to see picture.  
'70 Boss 302 Grabber Blue with Black interior.  
Took it out on the road for National Mustang Day.  Drove a good 50 miles.  Runs great.  
'70 Boss 302 Grabber Orange with Black interior.   
'70 Shelby GT500 Drag Pac Black Jade with Black interior.  Needs stripes and reassembly.
'77 Bronco Ranger Midnight Blue Metallic with Blue Houndstooth seats and door panels.  

New stripes on the new paint.  Click on car to see picture.

'69 SCJ Mach 1 Indian Fire with White interior
This one is waiting up on the rack in the back of my shop.  I'm still looking for parts.
'69 CJ Mach 1 Meadowlark Yellow with Black
This one is waiting up on the rack in the back of my shop. I'm still looking for parts.
'67 Fairlane 427 that once belonged to a friend. I'll be working on this restoration someday.
'69 Bronco Half-Cab Candyapple Red with Parchment interior.
'69 428 CJ Mach 1 Black with Black interior.  All original - paint shows only minor wear after all these years.  An amazing survivor.  
'65 K Code Caspian Blue with Blue interior.

Not much left to do now!

See pictures - click on car.